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Introduction to Eff, Att & Rew's TSB Records

     This site consists of a bunch of records that Matt(Att), Andrew(Rew), and I(Jeff a.k.a. Eff) have accomplished or witnessed while playing the NES game Tecmo Superbowl.  We play on the computer through emulators as well as through our NES consoles.  If you wish to be introduced to the 3 of us, go to the "Who are Eff, Att, and Rew?" page on the left navigation. There you will find our mini-bios (have fun decoding the babble).   Also, check out the rules and asterisk system stuff toward the bottom of this page to see how things work around here.

     In comparison to other personal TSB record sites, the numbers won't be enourmously inflated.  This is because we follow a list of rules so the opportunity to throw for 500 yards in a game is pretty small.  We all know how easy the cpu can be in Tecmo, therefor we try to make it more challenging by following a set of rules.  In general, the statistics in this game are inflated to real life, but our records aren't inflated for Tecmo itself.  Anywho, take look around and feel free to comment on our guestbook.

~Eff - Webmaster~

To visit my website for the SNES game Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball go here: http://www.freewebs.com/griffeypresentsmlb/

Also, check out a similar Tecmo records website we were proud to discover we helped inspire: http://tecmoheroes.blogspot.com/

News, Updates and other stuff.

1/23/12 - First update in a very long time. Eff's Generation III has been completed and all records are updated. Due to a change in the editing on this site there may be formatting issues visible. I set a few new records with Marino (yards in a game, touchdowns in a season). P.S. Its a bit rough today as it is the day after the 49ers overtime loss in the NFC Championship game. Great season, though. Go Niners.

9/10/10 - Personal records and standings updated after I completed a few seasons. No records broken.

8/12/10 - Football season is back and so if The Effmeister. The site is now up to date. A few record updates include me shattering our own passing touchdowns record with Warren Moon (90) as well as my breaking Rew's worst team passing yardage record with the Bears. Haha. Att and Rew are inactive in Tecmo, so for now (per usual) I will periodically update with my progress. I'm early into a Raiders season, but don't count on any records from Bo. I don't think I'm going to try for anything in particular.

10/30/09 - Several seasons and records have been updated. I had a pretty big season with the Eagles as QB Eagles broke the single game passing record (and the team broke the total yards record in the same game). The Eagles season also had it's share of tied records like TD passes and biggest win differential. QB Eagles' big season included accounting for 120 touchdowns (78/42) and well over 6000 yards. Everything is now up to date.

I have added a link in our introduction to a fellow Tecmo Superbowl records website (Tecmo Heroes) in light of finding we here at Eff, Att, and Rew's helped inspire them to create their website. Cheers, fellow Tecmoers!

In other news, my favorite current player Alex Smith has taken back the starting QB job for my beloved 49ers after his tremendous performance in the 2nd half @ Houston. Here's to hoping he brings the 49ers quarterback position back to prominence.

9/28/09 - Football season has returned and so has my Tecmo career. I have completed a Saints season 16-0 with a loss in the championship and a Seahawks season 16-0 with a Superbowl victory (my first 16-0/SB Champ Seahawks season). The only record accomplished was Chris Warren tying the punt return touchdown record. Personal records and current standings are updated.

Message regarding guest book comments:

Please refrain from commenting on the guest book if you intend to insult our records. We can reach astronomical records, but we rarely actually play for records as much as we simply enjoy playing the game. This website is for our own personal reference and entertainment. Any feedback or sharing your own records is both acceptable and encouraged. Just don't say stupid shit or it will be deleted.

As for many of the records you guys speak of reaching, often times you have to play cheap (ala get onside kicks, run back to your 1, then give it to Bo, etc.).  Make sure to check our "rules" towards the bottom of this page. We play by these rules to make the gaming a bit more fair and challengingAlso, the games must be in season mode. Anything accomplished in a preseason game does not count as the AI is easiest in that mode.

By the way, thanks to the more intelligent posts on the guest book.  If you still see your message on the guestbook, it probably means it's an example of an acceptable and/or appreciated message. Always feel free to share your records, but don't claim to have ours beaten unless you followed all of our game play guidelines.

Rules, Points, Standings

Points Standings

  1. Effer:       86 points
  2. Atter:       25 points
  3. Rewer:     11 points
  4. Cpu:         2.5 points

Total Records: 85

Current Season Standings

  • Eff's Steelers:            0-0
  • Att is inactive.
  • Rew is inactive.
Previous Season
  • Eff's Dolphins:     16-0, Superbowl Champions
  • Att's Cardinals:    16-0, Superbowl Champions
  • Rew's Bills:          16-0, Superbowl Champions
Current Streak
  • Effer:      19 wins
  • Atter:      61 wins
  • Rewer:    19 wins


  • Teams are chosen randomly by closing our eyes and fiddling the cursor around.  If you've used the team before, you must pick again.  Once you've used all of the teams (a generation) you start over by having to go through all the teams again.  It's a random cycle. Once there are around 5 or fewer teams remaining, manually picking a team is acceptable.
  • All records are accomplished in season mode. No records accomplished in preseason mode count as the AI is too easy.
  • WR's and TE's may not be used on running plays (other than reverse plays). They may be placed in a RB spot if that spot does not have a running play (See "Note:"). WR's and TE's are interchangeable; Running Backs may go anywhere on the offense. Sorry, no Jerry Rice in the backfield. Note: If 3 or more RB's get injured, you may place a WR/TE in their place off of the bench (not starters, unless somehow the backups are hurt).
  • No onside kicks allowed unless it is in the 4th quarter and you are trailing the opposing team.  If you accidentally onside kick and you recover the ball in a situation where onside kicks are illegal, you must punt the ball immediately.  No onside kicks in overtime.
  • Use of defensive lineman is not permitted.  Nor is "lurking" with defensive lineman, which is when you dive immediately after the snap and get a cheap sack.
  • On Field Goals and Extra Points, use of the defender 4 players from the top (ROLB) is not permitted.  Blocking kicks is too easy when using that player.
  • While it isn't against our rules, we do not excessively run backwards from scrimmage with the quarterback (for extra time and height on the throw).  It's annoying and cheap.
  • All 4th down rules are relieved.  Going for it on 4th down is at your own risk.

Asterisk System

  • + = maximum stat limit
  • * = manually counted above the stat limit

The Asterisk System is made to clarify records that have reached the stat maximum in TSB.  Some records may be manually counted above the stat maximum.  Example:  Marino passes for more than 63 TD's in a season.  Count the total receiving TD's on the team to get Marino's proper total.  However, if Marino was injured, you would have to subtract the number of passing TD's the backup QB threw.  Here is a list of the known stat maximums.

  • 63 passing touchdowns
  • 63 rushing touchdowns (63 receiving touchdowns assumed)
  • 255 rushing attempts
  • 4095 rushing yards (4095 receiving and return yards assumed)
  • 6200 passing yards

Being the rushing attempts max is 255, that can be a big advantage for yards per carry once you reach that mark, as every carry you have from then on does not count as a carry, but the yards you gain adds up, therefor increasing the ypc.  Being that is how the system works on Tecmo, we will leave it that way and not have any adjustments or techniques to make it more accurate.

As for scoring records, I had to make an adjustment to the record Neal Anderson once held.  The original record was 390 points on 65 touchdowns.  Well, the only reason it was 65 was because I reached the 63 rushing TD limit. I then added the 2 receiving TD's he had to reach 65.  However, I manually counted rushing TD's (marked them on paper) and he ended up with 69, so add the 2 receiving TD's and that left it at 71. The 36 extra points scored increased it from 390 to 426.  All that does is make the records more accurate, and that's my goal.

Note: Currently we do not count above the stat maximum for any yardage records as that is far more involved than recording touchdowns. It is not against our rules to count above yardage maximums, but none of us have taken the initiative.

Points System 

  • Single user with record:   2 points
  • 2 or 3 way tie for record: 1 point
  • 4 users tied for record:   .5 points

Negative Effect Records (such as most interceptions thrown)

  • Single user with record:   -2 points
  • 2 or 3 way tie for record: -1 point
  • 4 users tied for record:   -.5 points

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